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Amazon Linux 2 – WordPress Error: There Has Been An Error Cropping Your Image

I’ve moved over to AWS and I’m running a fresh Amazon Linux 2 instance. I’ve got wordpress loaded and I try to crop an image for my theme’s header and I get “There has been an error cropping your image“.

After a little research, the obvious answer is to install php-gdΒ and restart apache. This did NOT work for me. I did it about 5 times and checked my phpinfo to make sure php-gd was installed and it was.

After about an hour, I said I will restart the whole instance. That fixed it for me, still have no idea what service was causing the hang up.

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  1. Robert Simmons

    I just came into the same problem and, as you stated, rebooted the EC2 instance and it works fine now. I also installed the php-gd extension. I’m guessing since it’s a .dll file the server needs to be re-booted to use it instead of a simple httpd restart. Your post solved my problem too. πŸ™‚

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