Windows Server 2016 RDS Problems with Sage 100 2017 RemoteApp

2018, Jul 07    

#sage 100 remoteapp problem windows not appearing RemoteApp Problems – Windows Not Showing:

We deployed a new RDS server this week with Sage 100 2017 published as a RemoteApp. One of our remote sites called in and said it was taking an unusual amount of time for the windows to open. I remoted into their machine and walked through some normal operations of creating a sales order. The window to select a customer account seemed to be taking a long time to appear, but when I hovered over the icon in the taskbar it was showing the new window was already running. If you click on the area where the new window was supposed to be it would appear. The windows of the RemoteApp were not drawing to the screen. To the user, the window wasn’t appearing at all, but when the user got frustrated they would start clicking randomly and the window would finally appear.

The Fix:

There is a setting in group policy that when not configured it enables advanced graphics for RemoteApps.  All you need to do is set this policy to be disabled. Apparently this doesn’t work with Sage 100 2017.

This policy is located: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host\Remote Session Environment

remoteapp windows not appearing fix solved 2016 server RDS