I typically don’t write about things like this, but I think I finally got a case where I nor anyone with my IP address looked up the subject matter in question. I’ve been trying to isolate an incident like this, but every time I’ve had the chance someone with the same IP typically causes these types of scenarios, that I’m about to describe, to happen.


My family and I went to the Japanese steak house in our hometown for dinner last Tuesday night. While we were waiting on our drinks my daughter was watching one of the TVs on the wall. I saw that it was a cartoon and the “Boomerang” logo in the corner. She seemed to be enjoying the cartoon and I said, “That’s the Boomerang channel and you don’t get the Boomerang channel at home, Kido.” I turned and finished talking to my wife. I didn’t think anything about it, nor did my wife or child for that matter.

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