OverTheWire: Bandit Level 1 to Level 2

OverTheWire: Bandit Level 1 to Level 2

2020, Jun 13    

Level Goal

The password for the next level is stored in a file called located in the home directory

Commands you may need to solve this level

ls, cd, cat, file, du, find

Helpful Reading Material


Walk Through

  1. Connect via ssh:

ssh [email protected] -p 2220

The password is: boJ9jbbUNNfktd78OOpsqOltutMc3MY1

  1. List the files in your home directory. (ls command)


As you can see the file is named with a single dash. After reading the Helpful Reading Material I was able to read the file with this command.

  1. cat ./-


  1. Password for the next level is: CV1DtqXWVFXTvM2F0k09SHz0YwRINYA9