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iPhone iOS 13 Update – Drains Battery and Battery is Warm

iPhone 7 Plus

I woke up to the new iOS 13 update on my phone. I was only able to use my phone for around 1 hour before the battery was around 20 to 30%.

Also, while using the phone the battery was heating up pretty bad.


Go to Settings –> Battery –> Battery Health and disable Optimized Battery Charging

It will take a very very long time for the phone to charge back up to 100%, but once that happened the battery life returned and the battery heating up stopped. If this changes I will update the post.

Magento 2 – How To View A Customer’s Cart

Step 1:

Click on customers –> All Customers

Step 2:

Find the customer you want and click edit

Step 3:

On the top Navigation click Create Order

Step 4:

When you come to the create order page a copy of the customer’s current shopping cart will appear on the left hand column. See image below for example.

HTOP on CentOS 8

Add the EPEL 8 repository to CentOS

# wget

# rpm -ihv epel-release-8-7.el8.noarch.rpm

Then install htop

# yum install htop

A Case To Prove Facebook is Listening


I typically don’t write about things like this, but I think I finally got a case where I nor anyone with my IP address looked up the subject matter in question. I’ve been trying to isolate an incident like this, but every time I’ve had the chance someone with the same IP typically causes these types of scenarios, that I’m about to describe, to happen.


My family and I went to the Japanese steak house in our hometown for dinner last Tuesday night. While we were waiting on our drinks my daughter was watching one of the TVs on the wall. I saw that it was a cartoon and the “Boomerang” logo in the corner. She seemed to be enjoying the cartoon and I said, “That’s the Boomerang channel and you don’t get the Boomerang channel at home, Kido.” I turned and finished talking to my wife. I didn’t think anything about it, nor did my wife or child for that matter.

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CentOS 7 – WordPress Permissions Cheatsheet

Before Updating – Fix Permissions

Here is the cheatsheet I use to set permissions and SElinux before I update the site. These commands assume your wordpress root directory is /var/www/html.

#Apache Needs To Own The Files
sudo chown apache:apache -R /var/www/html/

#Set wordpress directory permissions
find /var/www/html -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;

#Set wordpress file permissions
find /var/www/html -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

#SELinux - Set Directories To Be Writable
sudo chcon -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t /var/www/html/ -R
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Cursor Spins While Trying To Print in Microsoft Word


Enduser called complaining their mouse cursor was acting erratically when trying to print. The cursor was spinning and page size selection was flashing like it was being pressed multiple times. After a reboot, the problem remained. We did end up getting the document to print, but the spinning cursor would remain after printing.  


Removing the network printer and adding it back fixed the issue. I did not change the drivers. This was a Ricoh C306Z. 

Magento 2 CE Product Import Succesful, But No Products Imported.


I had all the necessary fields in my Magento product upload file, and the import would show no problems with the data check test. When I reviewed the import history page it said my import had 0 created, 0 updated, and 0 deleted. Nothing happened. 

magento 2 CE import history page


The CSV needed to be saved as UTC-8
In excel click File –> Save As –> Choose CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv)  

Magento 2 CE – Not Saving Product Attributes Values


You add a product attribute to your store, but when you try to save a value in that field, it just keeps coming up blank after the page reloads. 


You can’t just simply flush the Magento cache, you need to flush the cache storage first then you will be able to see your newly save product attribute. 

System –> Tools –> Cache Management 

Magento 2 – 500 Errors After Installation

I’m working on getting Magento 2 install with Amazon Aurora. The installation went well with no errors but, the page would not load and I was receiving 500 errors. 

Option 1:

Go to the app folder in your root Magento 2 directory, open the file bootstrap.php and uncomment th line – ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);

Option 2:

Inside your Magento root folder go to var/log/ and check your exception.log for errors.

Sage 100 & Shopify – Inventory Updates

This is a brief nontechnical overview for anyone wanting to know how I push our Sage inventory to one of our Shopify stores. 

In the above image, we start with our on-premise Sage 100 and create a visual integrator (vi) job that exports out the SKUs, quantity available to ship, and retail pricing in a CSV format. 

The vi job exports the CSV file to our internal FTP server that is automated to send the file at certain times to our public web server.

The web server just holds the file for a 3rd party Shopify app called Syncee to pick up and import into our Shopify store. 

Syncee provides email notifications after each job has finished. This email contains details on how many products were updated and how many errors each job encountered. 

Syncee is not a free app by no means, but it worth every penny from my perspective. Syncee plans are based on how many products you want to update and how many times a day you want to run the job.

The devs/support staff are great when you have problems and they will help you get things mapped out before you automate the jobs. After the job is scheduled there really isn’t much to it after that, just make sure you monitor your job status via the email notifications. 

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